The AI Automation Platform for Lobbyists

Massively increase your efficiency and effectiveness by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

A Force Multiplier for Lobbyists


Faster Research


More Stakeholder Contacts


Less Time Spent Proofreading


Fewer Errors

10X Your Influence

Maximize productivity with seamless collaboration

Whether your government relations team is made up of 2 or 200, you can quickly and easily set daily tasks and longer term objectives to drive your advocacy objectives on Capitol Hill.

Instant Answers, Impressed Clients

Bid farewell to email overload and embrace efficient communication with LobbyMatic. Stay a step ahead, effortlessly keeping clients updated on the pulse of Washington DC.

Extract insights in a flash

Drive to the heart of complex legislation in seconds. With LobbyMatic's cutting-edge AI powered AI engine, extract the most critical details swiftly and accurately.

Supercharged Stakeholder Enagement

Determine optimal lawmakers, committees, and staff to connect with, tailored to your policy objectives. Then, with just a few clicks, petition these stakeholders via email, schedule in-person meetings or even send physical mail via our integrated USPS API.

Spot otherwise invisible opportunities

With LobbyMatic, transform the unseen into the seen. Our AI platform diligently scans hundreds of news sources, federal agency RSS feeds, congressional calendars, and more, serving as your unerring eye on the landscape.
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Unleash the transformative power of AI today

LobbyMatic can be deployed quickly to immediately begin supercharging the efficiency of your firm.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Training Methods

LobbyMatic values your privacy. Our models have no access to user data during training, ensuring your information and your clients' data are logically separated and inaccessible by anyone other than those designated by your firm's admin user.

Encrypted Data

Your data's safety is our priority. All user-provided client information is encrypted in transit via TSL 1.2+ and guarded by AES-256 bit encryption while at rest.

Rigorous Policies

We leave no stone unturned in our security program. By meticulously blending governance protocols with technical safeguards, we guarantee comprehensive protection and continuous monitoring of our platform, data, and code.

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